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[Solved] Not displaying Chinese characters in embedded device

  • Hello!

    I have built an Qt application, to demonstrate the language switching.

    I did implement to support English, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.

    When I build the application for desktop, I could see all the translations properly.

    But, when I cross compile the application for target which is AM335x TI target, it can display all the translations properly except Chinese both traditional and simplified.

    I was going through lot forums to seek the answer.

    I did come across a post which says fonts are present in /usr/lib/fonts folder and the target looks for the fonts in /usr/share/fonts which is not present. I did copy the fonts folder to /usr/share directory and given a try. But I did not succeed.

    Can you please help me out to understand what is happening and what is the resolution?

    Thank you,

  • For the benefit of other developers,

    I did fix the issue!

    Solution was, chinese font was missing in the target. By copying the right chinese font to the target, application was able to draw the text in chinese characters.

    It looks like Qt looks for the valid font. If valid font is not present, then it loads the default font.

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