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How can i fix this problem? *size matter*(!)

  • hi. i'm just a beginner of qt 5.3 development on windows(win7).

    i made a simple android app first time with some layouts.

    i see checkbox and radiobutton on them.

    but its control shapes(circle for radio and square for checkbox) are too small to see on a virtual machine and my cell phone.

    i'm sorry that i don't know how to upload the picture in this place.

    i want them also big as the texts are big.

    for example; ".Radiobutton" -> "oRadiobutton"

    could you help me?


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    Use Ministro deployment method (it will download correct style settings so that the UI looks better), or switch to Qt 5.4.

  • sierdzio, thanks for a repley!
    i installed qt 5.4 beta on my windows system and deployed a new app on my android phone.
    i see, yes, the square of checkbox gots a little bigger than the past.
    but still smaller than its text.
    except for that, there's nothing different.
    my radiobutton and combobox UIs are still small.
    is there any other special setting for that?
    i don't know what to do for it.

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