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How to pin Main-window and LED widget as one entity? (Solved)

  • My background picture is not drawn using Qt instead by another software editor.
    The painter painted a strings of horizontal holes for my LED widget.
    I paste this picture into resource and use it as a backdrop.

    I have inserted string of LED on this backdrop. I like to ask about Qt ability.
    How to maximize Qt main-form onto the device window size? Is there any properties on the right, i can set?

    How to pinned LED onto the backdrop exact position(hole drawn by another software) so that LED will be in the exact position even when main window is stretched. The main window and LED is to be attached as one entity.

  • http://codeprogress.com/cpp/libraries/qt/showQtExample.php?key=QMainWindowBackgroundImageStetch&index=546

    Answer is in the above link. Fixated the picture onto the mainwindow, the location on the LED can then be fixed

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