Mac os issues in visualizing some qt object

  • Dear all,

    I am new in this world, so sorry in advance if I am writing in the wrong place.
    I am facing a strange (at least for me) issue with the visualization of QtObject from Mac OS when I use through ssh a GUI constructed and running on slc6.
    In particular the windows are correctly opened but the q3buttongroups don't appear at all.
    Could you suggest me any solution?
    I already modified my ssh_config to ForwardX11 yes and ForwardX11Trusted yes.

    Thank you in advance!!!

    Maria Elena

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Might not be the answer you are looking for but you should first port your code to be full Qt 4 (if going to Qt 5 is not an option).

    The qt3support library was meant as an help for real quick porting to Qt 4 but in the long run, it should not be used anymore.

  • Thank you very much for the answer!!
    It would be great if it was done but unfortunately I am just a user of the GUI so I am not allowed to change it.

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    Even if not allowed, sounds like the GUI is the responsibility from another team/colleague, I'd advise to at least ask for the porting of that stuff.

    In between, does it also happen from a linux client ?

    Also, what version of Qt 4 is it ?

  • Sure I may ask but i guess they are really busy during these times :D
    It happens only to Mac OS, linux devices are able to display everything perfectly!!
    The Qt version used to develop the GUI I don't really know what it is, I have a 5.3.2 installed, but also with the previous I am not able to see any result.
    The first time I installed 5.3 I managed to have a correct view of the GUI for one time; I tried to reproduce the situation but it never happened again.

    Thank you for the help!!

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    They always are ;) But still, production code should not use porting libraries.

    What version of OS X are you running ?

    If it's running on the remote computer, your host Qt will not be used.

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