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Qt Creator .pro.user file overwritten between OS X and Windows

  • I'm having a problem which appears to be that my .pro.user file (with no numerical suffix) is shared between the Qt Creator installs on my Windows and OS X laptops. I keep my project synchronised with a Git repository, and each time I pull to my MacBook after having to make edits on Windows the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH entry I have made in the run environment settings on Mac is cleared. This is irritating since I have to reset it appropriately each time I want to run the application after having performed a pull. Is there a way to rectify this? I thought that different settings for different development computers were usually saved as .pro.user.xxxxxxx files where the hex extension was unique, but this seems to have stopped happening (at least between these two specific laptops).

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    the pro.user.XXXX generally happens when you open an "old" project with a newer version of Qt Creator.

    Generally .pro.user file are not pushed to Git since they are highly dependent on the computer where you are using Qt Creator.

    However you can share some settings using a .pro.user.share file. See "here":

    Hope it helps

  • Actually .gitignoring the .user file is a pretty succinct way around that problem, thanks. I hadn't done it up until now because I assumed each computer just used its own numbered .user file. I'll give it a try!

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    Indeed, it's what's generally done.

    Interesting idea you had :)

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