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Passing text from Qt to exaro

  • Hi,
    i've started to using Qt to develop an app to print labels at my work.
    Actually we use word and excel to create the labels, but there are about 10 different labels, so we use 10 different files.
    I've builded an app using forms, to each different label, but now i need to print the label!!
    To create the label i'm going to use exaro, but i have a problem!!
    How do i pass the contents of the textbox of a form to a report buit in exaro, and print it!?!?!?

    Thank you for your help!!!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Your question is a big vague, you should at least give a link to where one can find a description of exaro.

  • Hi, thanks for helping!!
    Exaro is a software i found after researching a little, in order to create reports to use in the apps anyone could build using Qt.
    This link is the example they give in their site, but it's a little confusing:

    thankyou once again for trying to help!!

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    One thing I don't understand is the use of exaro at that point.

    I suppose that your excel/word documents simply represent a page of labels, is that right ?

  • Not quite, each label is destined for a diferent client,
    We can't mix them.
    The idea was to create a single app, to print each label for the right client. Because each label is diferent for each client, and when we print the label is always diferent even if it is for the same client because the data that is is the label, changes according to some parameters.

  • In other words, the invoice of each client, as some info that we must put in the aditional label.
    The info in each invoice changes, acordingly to the order made by the client!!

    I hope i could explain myself correctly!!

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    Do you have all these informations in a database somewhere ?

  • No, the info comes printed in the invoice, when we finish packaging the material for the client.
    Some of the data is the number of boxes (it changes), order number, and some obs thatr the client requests to be written in the adittional label that we create!!

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    Well, technically that should be stored somewhere anyway e.g. the client additional information request so you don't have to do it at the last moment and you could also automate that part

  • Yes you are right, but the program we use to process the packaging and sending of the shipment to the client, is a closed system, and it's a little of bounderies for me and the entire wharehouse!!
    This would be a secondary program to use whenever we need!!!

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    I completely see what you mean.

    But If you have regular clients that require this, designing around a database will allow you to avoid having to reenter the common data each time you have to.

  • You're absolutely right, but the problem is that the data we use is, for example:

    • The number of boxes of the packaging (it changes according the number of items the client requests);
    • The order number of the clients request;
      And some other data, that it is not static, wich reflects the need of having a form, where i can input the data, necessary for the label, and then print it!!

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    Then just create a dialog where you can input all of that and then generate e.g. a QTextDocument that you will print

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