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Any idea what widgets to use to create this image?

  • Hi,
    I am not sure what widgets to use to recreate the image at (go to the bottom of page and it is the last image of a view of an app in the Iphone and the view has titlye "Style")

    It seems to me that a table with two columns would do it, but Qt's QTableWidget is only suited for desktop applications because the style shows a table in the fashion of excel.
    Then I was thinking maybe I could use a QListWidget and place the contents of each QListWidgetItem individually, but how can I make the left part of the QListWidgetItem have a transparent background, like the example.

    Any ideas?

    thank you!


  • Have you considered using QML to do the interface? It would give you a lot more flexibility in your design options. A ListView with an appropriate delegate component would be appropriate.

    EDIT: rephrased my statement. I need to remember to hit Preview instead of Update.

  • Yeah, if you want something like this, QML looks like a good way to go. However, I believe you can create something like this based on the item view framework. You are going to need delegates for that, I think :-)

  • QML will be the easiest way to match that look and feel - especially if it uses animations. You could even cut parts out of that image in GIMP or something to use as pixmaps for the QML elements. ;-)

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