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[Solved] QML example cross compiling to android on Ubuntu using Creator: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick

  • My problem is similar to this older post

    My host is Ubuntu. I installed a newer Qt5.3 using the online installer. I am following the tutorial for the Qt example accelbubble (simplified.) I get the error described in the title.

    I think that even though I have configured my project to use an android kit, Creator is invoking /usr/bin/qmake (the one installed by Ubuntu) but it should be using ~/Qt/5.3/android_armv7/bin/qmake. Creator under Project>Build Settings won't let me change the path to qmake.

    I suppose I can use another host machine, or create a link.

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    maybe a silly question but did you check that that you have your android Qt version setup correctly ?

    If you have to change something (you rarely need to though) You should rather check the Preferences -> Build And Run panel

  • I misquoted the error, which is:

    @Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: qml quick@

    I just updated all Qt components to 5.3.2 using the maintenance tool. Then opened the example project 'mouse area' which is tagged with 'android' and 'quick.' Then configured the project for an android kit. Then I get the error, before even building or running.

    I looked at the Build and Run panel but didn't see anything untoward. I do have the Android SDK and NDK installed, and I have previously built QWidget apps for Android. I am new to QML. I think I need QML because my QWidget app is improperly styled on iOS.

    I don't know whether you mean "Qt version" or "Android version", or where to change it in Build and Run panel.

  • Nevermind. As you seemed to suggest, futzing with the 'Window>Options>Qt Versions>Build and Run' panel fixed it. I 'Remove'd all the 'Manual' detected versions (which were Qt versions I had built from source.) Then I reconfigured the kit of the 'mousearea' project.

    So I'm not sure what the problem was. Possibly the phrase 'Qt Version' used by QtCreator is confusing. It really means 'Qt Installation' (since you can have two installations of the same version, like I did, one that I built myself, and one that I installed using the Qt project's online installer.)

    Or maybe, the 'Qt Version' panel is confusing. It is not clear to me that when you do have many installations, which one is effective. Does a 'Manual' version override an 'Auto-detected' version? The panel confuses me because I wonder whether I can make a selection that persists after I choose the 'Apply' or 'OK' button. And those buttons are not friendly in that they don't seem to change their enabled state. Then when you configure a project, which installations are shown: all installations for the same Qt version or just one of them? I could be wrong.

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    The Qt Version panel list all Qt detected and manually added. What matters when building is the Kit you are using which in turns will use one of the Qt versions you have. Si there's no priority in the sense that you have one default kit, then the others

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