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    I am new to Qt. I am trying to run some OpenGl related examples, but I am getting error for OpenGL. Can anyone tell me where I can install OpenGL in Qt installation, so that I'll not have any OpenGL related issues while executing the project. I think OpenGL does not have any executable, will just need to paste OpenGL (offcourse with some appropriate files) folder at some specific location in Qt installation. I am working on Windows 7.

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    What errors are you getting ? On windows there's nothing really special to do as long as you have your graphic cards up to date.

    Which Qt package did you install ?

  • in my case even with graphic card being up to date I do face issues with opengl build of QT since like I mentioned before the alphabuffer issue is opengl a stable build for windows or is it somewhat buggy & experimental like QT3d?

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    Getting errors and having a strange (maybe normal, I don't know) behavior is not the same thing.

    OpenGL has been in Qt for ages and is working pretty fine. However the experiences with it depends partly on what the graphic card constructor provides (e.g drivers) Some contain bugs that must be worked around and other can make things pretty unusable (should not happen but when you have bad luck…)

    Qt3d is being rewritten

  • I have bad luck :(

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