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Qt Creator C++ code editor: asking for help in implementation correct auto-indent behaviour for break in switch statement

  • I want to fix a little issue in Qt Creator and need some help to do it right. I posted a ticket into bugtracker and send a email to guy, which was listed for appropriate section in Maintainers list, but didn't get any responce. So I decide to post it here also, may be it will be better place.

    Bugtracker's ticket link:

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What you can do is setup gerrit (you have several wiki entries to help you with that) and provide a patch for Qt Creator. The details like splitting in several patches can be done while your code is reviewed.

    When writing your patch, please follow the Qt coding guide lines, it will make your submission easier. Also if you have to modify it (and probably you will have to), don't do a new commit , amend the current one and resubmit it.

    Don't worry about the answer delay, you posted your ticket the day after the european Qt Developer Days ended.

  • I would prefer a little discussion first, but OK, I pushed 2 commits and passed a bot review, which guy I need to set as reviewer? Guy from Maintainers list?

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    Then, you should post your question on the qt-creator mailing list. You'll find there Qt Creator's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

    As for the reviewers, look at who reviewed the files you modified recently.

  • I was thinking about it, but decide not to, because it isn't a kind of problem, that all people should read about it and share his thoughts. However, for example, I found a unconformance between what preference's option in editor says it do and what it actually do, so I want to know which one of them should be fixed and so on. I expected one or two guys, which knows this code well, to response, when posted a ticket.

    Anyway, thank u for help.

  • It's unlikely that the maintainer takes part in a discussion here. The usual approaches are asking in #qt-creator on FreeNode IRC (preferably during Central European working hours) for short lived "How should X be done?", the Qt Creator mailing list for "important" design discussions/decisions, and for actual discussion of implementation details. JIRA is of course also ok for things that should not be forgotten. For your particular issue, IRC would probably have been the way to get the quickest response.

    The time until someone responds also depends on the severety of the issue, and other circumstances. There's e.g. feature freeze for Creator 3.3 tomorrow, so people are really busy.

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