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[Solved] Print qint as QString without losing bits

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    qint32 my32=1; //dec
    qint16 my16=0x0002; //hex
    qint8 my8=0x03; //hex

    cout << QString::number(my32).toStdString <<"\n";
    cout << QString::number(my16).toStdString <<"\n";
    cout << QString::number(my8).toStdString <<"\n";

    cout will print:

    I would like it to print the complete data type size like:

    The reason is that I have to stick to a protocol that requires that a 32 bit integer shall be represented with a string of 8 chars like "00000000".

    In my code the data is represented with the correct type. however when the data is transformed into a datagram package i have to pad it to fill out the expected data type width.
    for example a datagram message looks like:

    struct datagramHeader
    qint32 segment; //s
    qint16 class; //c
    qint16 length; //l

    when converted to an datagram it needs to look like this:

    I find it convenient to work with the data types as they are like qint for counters etc and cast them to a QString when the datagram message is created. I guess this must be the best way and to solution is to handle the conversion from qint to QString without losing any characters. Or am I wrong?

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    Unless I've misunderstood you you could use something like:

    datagramHeader header = { 1, 0x02, 0x03 };
    QString datagram("%1%2%3");
    qDebug() << message.arg(header.segment, 8, 10, QChar('0'))
    .arg(header.class, 4, 16, QChar('0'))
    .arg(header.length, 4, 16, QChar('0'));

    Hope it helps

  • You could fix your code like that (fill with leading zeros):
    QString::number(my32).rightJustified(8, '0');

    But I guess your protocol requires hex output? (the value 0xFFFFFFFF represented as decimal would not fit into 8 characters). If so you should also add the formatting base:

    int base = 16;
    int width = sizeof(my32)*2;
    QString::number(my32, base).rightJustified(width, '0');

  • It actually works. I used the .rightJustified method and that in combination with changing all my qint to quint solved all my issues.

    Thanks to SGaist and flandi for your help in this topic!

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