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Qt 5.x dynamically for iOS with SSL support (QSslSocket)

  • Hi,
    i read several threads about iOS and SSL support.
    I just want to clearify my understanding (or misunderstanding) about the situation concerning iOS and SSL support for Qt 5.x.

    The only way to use SSL with iOS until now is to use a static Qt build, right?
    Is something iOS / SSL related planned for the 5.4 release?

    If static build is the only way for iOS, is it ok to use the Indie Mobile license to use the static build Qt?

    Maybe there is nother way to get it running on iOS?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    IIRC, there's been some work on the iOS side to use the libraries from Apple but I don't know it's current exact state.

    Anyway, up to iOS 7 no dynamic libraries were not allowed with the application so yes the static build is mandatory (without or without SSL doesn't matter). It seems that with iOS 8 Apple changed that but I don't know the current state on the Qt library side, that would be a question to ask to the Qt Company. As for the Indie license, AFAIK it's for that use case (if you quality as Indie developer)

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