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QPushButton initialization

  • When I initialize a QPushButton Object, I can do it this way:
    @QPushButton p1;@

    I can also do it this way:
    @QPushButton *p2 = new QPushButton;@

    The first way initialize an object while the later way initialize a pointer.
    But when I add either of them to the widget and show this widget, the first way doesn't show.
    I wonder why? As far as I know, the QPushButton class has a constructor:QPushtButton(QWidget *parent = 0);, so I don't think the construction process will go wrong...

  • For me, it works. My code :
    @ QWidget test;
    QPushButton p1(&test);
    p1.setGeometry(1, 1, 50, 40);
    QPushButton *p2 = new QPushButton(&test);
    p2->setGeometry(30, 20, 50, 40);

    I think that you don't set the position of yours buttons.

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    If you do it e.g. in the constructor, p1 will be destroyed at the end of the constructor since it goes out of scope. That's why you don't see it.

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