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Differences between Qt MSVC 64bit/32bit and MINGW 32bit?

  • Is there a difference between using Qt MSVC 64bit/32bit and MINGW 32bit to compile Qt projects? or between 64bit and 32bit MSVC?
    I have to install 32bit MSVC to make it compatiable with VS2013, but I'm wondering if I'm losing anything in the process. Also, the free software in says to use MINGW 32bit, but I really like using VS2013.

    Please move if in wrong section.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    MinGW 32bit only build 32bit applications. But you also have 64 bit versions if you need. 64-32 bit differences is mainly the type of OS you'll be able to run on. 32bit applications runs on both 32 and 64 bit windows versions.

    You can't freely mix libraries built with MSVC and MinGW.

    Nothing wrong with using MSVC2013, the only hassle is that you have to install it separately.

    Hope it helps

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