Searching for a particular text in a combo box

  • @I am creating a plugin in which I load topic to a combo box.
    It works as follows:
    ComboBox1(CB1): Has two topics, upon selcting one of them it loads two other topics to ComboBox2(CB2). the issue here is once a topic has been selected from CB1 before loading all the topics to CB2 a check has to be made so that duplicates copies topics are not loaded and no topics should be missed to CB2. Is there a method in which I can check the topics loaded to CB2? For instance, load the topics only "if (! ui_.CB2->find(topics))" (which by the way I tried and did not work). If anybody has an idea do let me know. @

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    First thing, are you really using QtQuick for that ? From your post text it looks more like a widget version.

  • Sorry. I have moved the question to 'General and Desktop' section. And yes, it is a widget. Any suggestions?

  • I tried moving the post to other section and apparently only the moderators can move a post. I have approached a moderator (Andre) and asked him to move the post to ‘General and Desktop'

    Edit: done; Andre

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    One way I can is would be to use a QListModel with all your topics, then in between add a QSortFilterProxyModel where you set e.g. a QRegExp filter base on your combo box number 1 selection

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