Any existing support for video captions, subtitles or cue points?

  • I am hoping to persuade a client to "port" (really redo) an existing Flash project to Qt rather than to Flex. The project is at a point where it needs refactoring so this would be a good time to change technologies.

    Qt offers so much but I have been digging around and have not seen an existing solution for showing captions/subtitles in video or any sort of cue point control with video.

    I've looked at QWebView for HTML 5 text tracks but this project needs to be cross platform and HTML 5 video on OSX is non-functional (Qt 5.3). I've looked at QMediaPlayer and have not seen any support there either.

    Am I missing it or is there no existing support for video captions, subtitles or cue points?

    (I know that VLC supports subtitles, etc. and could probably learn from their code and write something but that is not a great selling point for the client.)


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    AFAIK, your findings are correct. You could directly use libVLC or there's also QtGStreamer that might be of interest.

    Anyway, to be really sure, you can try asking on the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more oriented.

  • Thanks. I was afraid of that. I'll follow up on your suggestions (really, really don't want to work with Flex any longer ;-)

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