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Api change in QT 5.3 setSectionResizeMode (solved)

  • I've just installed what I believe is the latest/greatests qt,

    Now when I compile my program I'm getting an error:
    class QHeaderView' has no member named 'setSectionResizeMode' ui->ValueTable->horizontalHeader()->setSectionResizeMode(0,QHeaderView::Stretch);
    Am I being stupid somehow or has a mistake been made. (or something else).

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    Maybe a silly question but are you sure you are using a Qt 5 kit to build your application and not a Qt 4 ?

  • It is Qt 5.3, (but it was good idea to check).

  • Found it. I had a manual kit installed by the distro that I guess it was picking up on. Removed it and things magically started working.

    Thanks for setting me on the path.

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