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<Solved>Unable To Find Configure Command

  • I am trying to compile QT statically. However I am unable to run the configure command as I get the following. 'configure' is not recognized as an internal or external program.

    I assume this is because I am looking in the wrong location for it. I have tried using the windows command prompt and the one included with QT.

    I've also tried reinstalling QT 5.3 without any luck.

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    Did you download Qt's sources ?

  • No I apparently did not.
    This appears to have solved the issue of compiling.
    I was then able to follow this tutorial and get it compiled.

    However even after I compile it and rebuild my project it is still not static.
    I changed the qmake.conf file in C:\Qt\5.3\Src\qtbase\mkspecs\win32-g++
    And used the configure.exe that was in C:\Qt\5.3\Src\qtbase\

    I also set CONFIG += static in my .pro file

  • Got it working had to go into Qt Versions and add the static builds from C:\Qt\5.3\Src\qtbase\bin\qmake.exe

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