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Qt 5.3 and OpenGL

  • Hey everyone. I've one question for you. Could you recommend me suitable way for using OpenGL. I was developing my 3D graphics engine in C++/SFML/GLM, but I found that Qt is very suitable for me. As for now I have seen some ways for doing 3d stuff in C++/Qt. For example: QGLWindow class, QWindow + QOpenGLFunctions or other. I don't have any idea which way is best. I am using modern OpenGL (shaders, VBO, VAOs etc).

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you don't use any widget related stuff, you can go with QWindow and the QtGui module.

  • I want to have in my app for example button like "Add Box"

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    The go with QOpenGLWidget and the widget module. QOpenGLWidget is new in Qt 5.4, if you want to stay with the current version it's QGLWidget.

    You can also consider QML

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