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Compiling on QT Multimedia on the RasberryPi

  • Hi Everyone, just looking for some general guidance to point me in the right direction.

    I would like to natively compile and use the Qt Multimedia so I can use the QMediaPlayer class on Rasberry Pi.

    Would following this tutorial help me achieve this?

    Would compiling Qtbase mean I get all the modules including QtMultimedia? And do I really need all this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Yes it will.

    No, for that you have to follow the guide which says to clone the qt5 git repository which will contain among other modules QtMultimedia.

    Do you really need all of Qt 5 ? That answer is up to you, what part of Qt do you need for your application ?

  • Thanks for the reply and the kind welcome.

    I think Qt is quite awesome because it can run on Arm architectures and is packed with features.

    To answer your question, what do I need to use? At the moment, the only reason I want to compile Qt is to use only 1 class - QMediaPlayer which belongs to the multimedia package. So I definitely do not need to compile the whole thing, but I couldn't find a guide that shows me how to compile it separately.

    Thanks I appreciate you pointing me in jhe right direction.

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    Then you can follow the guide but call configure directly in qtbase, this way you will only have this module. Next step, build and install it.

    From thee, create a new subfolder for qtmultimedia go into it and call your installed qmake with /path/to/qtmultimedia/sources as parameter. Then make and sudo make install. Take the time to look at the configuration tests to see whether it finds everything it needs to build the module

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