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Representation of std::shared_ptr in qtcreator debugger

  • Am I correct in that qtcreator is not able to represent std::shared_ptr in qtcreator 3+ ?

    I only get a not very helpfull remark about the usecount and such, but actual expansion of the pointer stored in the shared_ptr is not possible. It is supported for QSharedPointer it seems, but I prefer to use the std version.

    It was possible in qtcreator 2.8.1 which I have been using until now. I did not upgrade because of this problem ( I use many shared and unique pointers).

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    It seems it should have been solved following this "bug report":

    Depending on the version of Qt Creator you are using, you should add a comment to this bug

  • It isn't. Even the most trivial use of shared_ptr will not show correctly in qtcreator 3.2. I will see if i can add a comment to the bug (it is closed though)

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    Closed doesn't mean it won't be reopened :)

  • Please file a proper bug report and attach the debugger log (contents of right pane of Windows->Views->Debugger Log). Without access to any details my best guess is that you selected "Load system GDB pretty printers" in the Debugger options. Switch that off to use Creator's own pretty printing.

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