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About tooling to build mobile software.

  • Hi to all here,
    (i hope that i post to the correct forum!)

    i just saw the "Indie Mobile" new license and i am thinking a lot to buy one and start working. I just have not fully understand some things about the tooling.

    So to be able to start develop mobile stuff:

    a. I have Visual Studio Pro 2013 installed on my dev machine. Willl Qt Creator use that compiler or i have to install a different one (MinGW, Cygwin etc) ?

    b. The debugger is "included" in the Qt Creator or the toolchain i am supposed to install ?

    c. As i understand, i can use my Windows dev machine to develop, test and build for the Android OS (i have an android device). Can i do the same with the iOS, at least the development ? I know the build must be done on Mac (i have one here)

    Thank you in advance for any help on these!

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    a) Qt Creator uses whatever compiler it has to work with, the only thing you have to do is to ensure that you install the matching Qt version

    b) iOS compilation and deployment can only be done on OS X, however android application can be developed on OS X, Linux and Windows indifferently.

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