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Release build works fine on Dev machine, crashes immediately on others

  • Using VS2010 with qt5.2.1.

    My application works fine on my dev machine using release build. I have run it from visual studio and run it by going into release folder and double clicking the exe. both of these work. I've also tried copying the release folder to a flash drive and running the executable from the flash drive. still works.

    What doesn't work is when I move the file to a flash drive and transfer to a windows 8 laptop and try to run the application there. on the laptop even in compatibility mode the application will run then immediately exit. I tried it on a surface pro tablet and the app crashed in MSVCR100.

    I have no idea how to fix this. My friend recommended putting message boxes everywhere to see exactly where it crashes. is there any advice specific to that anyone has, or other ideas? thanks.

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    Maybe a silly question but did you do everything required to "deploy": the application ?

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