Drag & drop, modifying the Cursor for IgnoreAction ?

  • Hello again,

    today is the day for a new question about Drag & drop \o/

    I've figured out how to modify the cursor for a valid action, with setDragCursor.

    But apparently, this method doesnt accept Qt::IgnoreAction and so it becomes impossible to modify the cursor for IgnoreAction :(

    Any idea about how I could modify this cursor ?

    I have seen this bugreport : https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-26724 that seems to fix my problem, but I dunno if it will be modified sooner or later.

    Should I try to recompile my own Qt version with this modification ? Or is there any other way to fix this ?

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    If you want that right now, you'll have to build Qt yourself with the modification

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