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[SOLVED] project layout OSX/Win8.1 Parallels

  • This is more of an organizational approach question. I've been working on a Qt5.3.1 app on the PC side for a while now, all is good. The OpenCV library is also used extensively by the program.

    I've now upgraded myself to a MacBook Pro running Win8.1 in Parallels so that I can compile a Mac version.
    I know I have to install Qt independently on each side, as well as OpenCV. But I want a single code-base so that changes I make in the actual CPP/H files are immediately reflected on the other side.

    How would you approach organizing everything without making a mess of the project file or needing multiple project files? (I am only 4 months in to my Qt experience, and about 4 days into my Mac experience!)

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    That kind of "one folder for both" setup is generally a good way to trouble.

    The cleanest way is to use a version control system like GIT, SVN, Bazaar or other. Write your code, build it test it, push the update, go to the other side, pull the latest version and continue developing the same way. This way you won't have problem with path(s) in your .pro.user file or line endings etc…

    Hope it helps

  • Hi, also when you use something like GitHub (or others like SGaist suggests) you get an automatic backup. I also have an MBP, using Fusion, not Parallels, and I sync with GitHub all the time, because if I'm on the train and someone spills coffee on my MBP I still have the source on GitHub :-)

  • ahh yes of course, perfect suggestion.. Thanks!

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