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SOLVED: Side by side error when trying to run application exe file developed in qt creator5.0.1 MSVC2010 (mine is Windows7) using

  • hello, i developed an application and has given debug file to client test. They are not able to run the exe file as it is giving side-by-side error. it is showing some dlls missing related to windows(shell32.dll and kernel32.dll) .Actually i din't added those dlls in my application.
    Can any one pls help me out... i just want to handover debug file to client which is compatible for all window operating systems..

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    You need to supply required libraries to customer. May be you can look at post "here": on how to deploy the application. Also ensure that windows versions are same and this may be causing other issues as well.

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    To add to Dheerendra also check that you are compiling everything in release mode.

  • yes compiling in release mode only...i handed over the release file is showing some dlls missing like API-MS-WIN-CORE-WINRT-L1, API-MS-CORE-ROBUFFER....etc..8 dlls.(in windows7) they detected these using dependency walker. I should mention that this release file is working fine with windows8. Please help me over come this side-by-side configuration error

  • which file i should give to others debug file or release file...please let me know am new to qt actually am handling this application developed by others. I need online trainig in qt can any one help me out.

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    Try copying your executable to computer where does not have qt installed. Run your program. It will keep showing errors. Go to your Qt installation and bin directory. Start copying the libraries from bin directory. Please note that any library ending with '*d.dll" is required debug version. If no *.d.dll" means it is required for release version. Try reading the posts given above. It will help you.

  • yes i have done everything...when i am trying to run exe in windows8 no error is showing but no output..nothing is happening...i again tested exe in dependency is showing error in dlls like
    showing entrypoint not found.

  • Thank you guys u r just amazing..helped me alot....actually the problem is with qwindows.dll....i placed qwindowsd.dll in release mode. finally its working fine

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