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Qt Execute Exe file from debug folder

  • Hi,

    I am newbie to QT.

    I have installed QT 5.3.1 in Wn 7 (64bit).
    I have created the simple widget application and made it run using QT creator, but when i execute the exe from the debug folder i get the error "The program can't start because Qt5Widgets.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.".

    I searched for this , i got the solution as add the required DLLS to ur app directory.
    But can anyone tell me the steps to add which DLL and where?


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    Welcome to the forum. Required dlls are missing in your standard path. You can refer to earlier posts "here": on same topic

  • Thanks for the reply,

    I have went through the link you mentioned, but couldn't understand .
    And i dont want to deploy exe as of now.i want to just execute the exe.

    Just wanted to know what dlls need to copied and where to copy?
    Do you need to add any config file?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Executing an application outside Qt Creator requires the same steps as deploying it on another computer

  • Thanks for the reply,

    Ohhh..i thought we can execute it.

    But in MacOS X, i created the same widget application,it allows to run the .app file without any deployment which was created in debug folder.


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    That's nothing Qt specific. Library linking and discovery are not the same at all between Windows and *nix like system.

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    In addition to SGaist, finding required libraries goes based on path environment variables. Qt specific paths are not added into system environment. Either you add Qt library directory in your system path(Environment variables) or copy the all the required dlls to your application directory. Links provided here explain what dlls are required etc. Hope it is clear now.

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    It's never a good idea to modify the system path like that. You don't know what other programs you have that might use Qt and could break because they are now using another version that the one (maybe customized) they where built against. Also, if you happen to have several different version of Qt at the same time, you could end up using the wrong version while developing.

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    You are right. That is the reason is Qt not updating the path. I'm sure he is experimenting and he should know why it is happening like that. He can afford to update the system path. Definitely not in production env.

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