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How to save data from different pages in the same row of an SQLite table ?

  • Hello,

    I want to pass the user name from one page to another page that contains a form to fill with personal data and then add all of these information together in he the same row of my SQLite table .

    But I didn't know how to do this?


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    What part you don't know about ?

  • Hi,

    I don't know how to keep the user name since this one has made a successful log in and then store it in my data base table with the form information .

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    My inputs.

    1. Try to understand how db works. How to create table, how to insert data into table. This will help you.
    2. You are talking about your internal logic of your program. Please try to store the your internal information(e.g who logged in ) in some variables. This is purely logic of your program.
    3. When you want to store the information, you need to collate all the information and the dump data to db.

    I'm sure this more of programming logic question.

  • Thank you Dheerendra.

    1. I know how to insert data into table and how to create a table .

    2. OK, I will try to put my user name in a variable .

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