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Install QtSerialPort to alternate location?

  • I have successfully built the (old) 'stable' branch of QtSerialPort. Now I would like to install it to a custom prefix. How do I do this? Using 'qmake PREFIX=/path' did not work.

    Note that I'm trying to build it against Qt4 as a stand-alone library, and also that 5.3 currently fails to build¹ in this configuration which is why I'm building the older 'stable' instead.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    A fix is on its way

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    Fixed, you can clone the repository from GIT and you should be able to build with Qt 4

  • This wasn't about building against Qt 4, but installing to a non-default location. Has that been addressed? I didn't see any changes that seemed relevant.

    (I am now able to build against Qt 4, though; thanks for that.)

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    Do you mean installing one Qt module outside Qt's install folder ?

  • Yes. I am trying to build QtSerialPort as part of a larger project that needs to use the serial port. This project should not be required to build all of Qt4 also, and installing QtSerialPort as root is not acceptable. I need to install QtSerialPort to a user writable directory. (Specifically, it should be installed to the prefix /project/root/build/install, where QtSerialPort itself is built in something like /project/root/projects/QtSerialPort/build.)

    It might be possible to use it without installing it, although that is not preferable and might cause other problems down the road (e.g. when we need to build installers for this project).

    For the moment I am just ignoring the qmake project files and have rolled my own build system for QtSerialPort using CMake, which natively supports an install prefix.

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