Anything similar to QSocketNotifier in boost::asio?

  • @SOCKET sock = generate_socket("fileWizard");
    notifier = new QSocketNotifier(sock, QSocketNotifier::Read, this);

    connect(notifier, SIGNAL(activate(int)), this, some_slot(int));@

    The SOCKET is a win32 SOCKET, the function of "generate_socket" is creating a socket connect to a local exe which called "fileWizard"(don't know the implementation details of the function generate_socket). With Qt, we always generate the socket and connect the signal and slot, but can't find a similar example in asio.

    Do not familiar to socket and asio yet, please tell me what information you need. Thanks

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    You should rather ask this on a boost dedicated forum, you will more likely get an answer there.

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