[BUG] Qt Creator - Importing keymap does not clear unassigned keys

  • After exporting a keymap from Qt Creator it can be imported back for example after a reinstallation. What annoys me though is that QtCreator won't clear keys that are not set in the keymap. The import process simply leaves unassigned keys unchanged in the current configuration. So, if I import a keymap which has
    Editor-Redo | (empty) | (empty)
    Project-Run | CTRL+R | (empty)
    over a current configuration that has:
    Editor-Redo | CTRL+R | CTRL+Shift+Z
    kaboom: now I would end up having a double shortcut assignment for the same key.
    Editor-Redo | CTRL+R | CTRL+Shift+Z
    Project-Run | CTRL+R | (empty)
    This issue might create a conflict in the assigned shortcuts.

    And, most annoying thing: I don't use the 100+ default keyboard shortcuts that Qt Creator has set. I have previously created a keymap with just the 10-15 shortcuts that I usually use. But because unassigned keys are not cleared, I have to spend 10 minutes scrolling down the 100+ keys in the list, clearing them, and just after I can import the keymap with my shortcuts.

    So, to fix this bug you have 3 solutions:
    best solution: Make sure unassigned keys in a keymap are cleared in Qt Creator's configuration as well
    or: Add a simple "Clear all" button that clears all shortcuts
    or: When importing a keymap, simply replace your configuration file (wherever that file is, I couldn't find it anyway) with the new file - don't even bother clearing or checking fields or anything else.

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    You shoulder rather bring this on the Qt-creator mailing list. You'll find there Qt Creator's developers/maintainers.

    You can also check the "bug report system":http://bugreports.qt-project.org to see if someone already wrote about that

  • Bug report filled, "QTCREATORBUG-12981":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-12981

    Since this thread is useless now, can it be deleted please? Thanks ;)

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    Why delete it ? It could be useful for other people having the same problem as you

  • I'm not sure I expressed myself clearly but the solutions above are suggestions for the developers to fix this issue, not actual solutions that a simple user would be able to use.
    For this reason, and because the "solution" to the issue was just a bug report, I thought this thread would not be necessary anymore. However, if you think it is just keep it :)

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    It gives forum users a mean to find your bug report :)

  • I hope they find it useful then ;-)

  • If anyone is interested, this bug has been addressed and a fix is pending review.
    The bug report can be found here:
    And the proposed bug fix can be found here:

    p.s. I thought they ignored that issue entirely, but after 7 months, someone figured out it might be worth looking into it... well, many thanks to the author of this 2 lines code fix :-)
    Now, how many months will it take to actually get implemented in the Qt Creator release?...

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    robe = https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/109057

    Any plans about the look/feel of the new version ?

  • What do you mean? The fix is 2 lines of code long, Qt Creator will not have any noticeable changes (no UI changes at all). The fix only makes sure the shortcuts with empty values are replaced in Qt creator's settings when importing a keymap...

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