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Modeless QDialog hideEvent doesnt get called when clicked outside

  • Hi,

    I have a modeless dialog and I want to so some stuff when user clicks outside the dialog and the dialog is hidden. I try to overwrite QDialog's hideEvent() but strangely it never gets called.

    Do I need to set some property over the dialog?


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    Something's not clear in your description e.g. how is your dialog hidden when the user clicks outside of it ?

    Also, what version of Qt and OS are you running ?

  • To be clear, I set setWindowModality(Qt::NonModal) on my QDialog which makes the dialog to hide, as it doesnt block user input. Doc says: "The window is not modal and does not block input to other windows."

    By setting this on my dialog, if I just click somewhere outside, the dialog automatically hides. I am trying to do something on this hideEvent. May be I am wrong and some other event is happening rather than hide().

    I am using Qt 5 with Linux

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    Can you show the code of your hideEvent ?

  • Well not much I am doing the hideEvent. I am just printing something so that I know hideEvent is called.

    void Info_Dialog::hideEvent(QHideEvent * e) {
    qDebug()<<"hide event called";

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    You can also try looking for QHideEvent in the event(QEvent * event) function

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