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Convert solution from VS

  • Hello,
    Is there way to convert Visual Studio solution(.sln) to Qt Creator project?
    I saw this functionality in Addin, but looks this is for Qt projects only.
    current project doesn't use Qt, just want to continue the using of Qt Creator instead of VS

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    You can also use qmake to handle non-Qt projects, just make the conversion then update the resulting pro file to remove the Qt related parts.

  • I see but the issue is the conversion itself, sln/vcproj to pro file

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    Silly question, but did you try it anyway ?

  • not sure that understood your question.
    I'm using Qt Creator for various non-Qt projects and manage these by .pro configuration. no issues.
    regarding your:
    "... just make the conversion ..."
    if you mean manual conversion - I'm really doing this but this is a hard work for large solutions
    If you mean the using Qt Visual Studio Addin adility to convert, I could not do this , for me, looks it's possible for a projects in VS created by addin (with Qt).
    So for non-Qt projects in VS this ability in Qt Addin is disabled in a menu

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    I thought it was a possibility but it's been a long time since I used the plugin. To be sure, you should bring this to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • I've decided to use cmake with qt creator.
    So the same question,
    Does someone knew any useful tools to convert vs2013 solutions to cmake projects?

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  • thank you, tried some of them,
    however looks most of these are not working for me.
    so I'm writing cmakelists.txt from scratch.

    I know this question is not for this forum,
    but rpobably here are a devs who uses cmake in a projects and can explain basic questions:

    1. When I'm creating cmake project it (QT Creator) suggests me to select which background I wish to generate for (Nmake, Ninja) and platform (x86, x64).
      So if I selected one option (nmake x86 in my case) how can I change this for some builds? in next time cmake runs, qt creator doesn't allow me to select other targets. I'd prefer to understand where I can change this manually , outside of IDE.

    2. I need to have a few builds, traditionally - x86,x64,release,debug. Should this be separated CMakeLists.txt(s) or can be configured in single file? Could you provide me with samples or URLs of useful examples?

    3. For some builds (mostly for releases), I'd prefer to run the process from command line, I see that simple running of "cmake" start the generating , however this doesn't build the target completely, just prepare makefile for Nmake. What is a best practice to run full cycle of the building? cmd file with cmake and nmake after that?

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    AFAIK, with cmake, you create multiple build folders, one for each architecture you want to support.

    You call cmake in it to prepare the build tree and either you directly pass the correct flags/defines or your edit the build tree using ccmake

    Yes, command prompt cmake -> nmake or mingw32-make depending on your compiler.

    Hope it helps

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