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Windows XP support

  • Is there any reason one should be concerned regarding implementing dependence on QT5 in a Windows XP environment since MS has withdrawn XP support? Will QT5 and subsequents continue to run in what has become a very stable environment?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt can run on Windows XP, but IIRC only to SP2, prior versions are not

  • meaning SP1 is not supported but SP3 is? Seems to be some doubt that QT5 is stable in XP (SP2 +) ?? Not sure why this should be but seems there may be some issues. Don't want to build something that will fail on a major market segment regardless of what MS does. (XP is defacto a stable environment and still used by many) The question is specific to QT5 not previous. Requiring SP2 or SP3 for QT5 would be ok since those upgrades have almost universal application.

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    IIRC, there was a debate about the ANGLE vs OpenGL build but I don't remember what was the outcome of it.

    Anyway, SP2 is the minimal version, if you would need to support even older Windows then you might better stick with 4.8.X

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