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How to add a widget to Qt creator

  • Hi, people i'm trying to add a custom widget that i've created, i put the *.dll file into C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\plugins\designer but the widget isn't in the design area. Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you build your designer plugin using the same compiler that was use for Qt Creator ?

    Also, please search a bit through the forum. This question has already been asked several times.

  • Hi, thanks for your answer,
    I've been spending hours and hours reading and testing, you were right, initially i compiled my widget with a different compiler.

    I tried to do all the steps a different PC and it worked! that machine was using W7 32 Bits, but i still can't make it work in my computer wich is W8 64 Bits the Plugin Information now just say: "Cannot load library: C:/...". what could it be the issue?

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    It means that either 1. it is not able to find the library in given path 2. Some dependency libraries may be missing to load your library. You can use dependency walker(google it) and check which dependencies are missing.

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    Also, are you building your plugin in 64 bit ? IIRC, Qt Creator is provided in 32

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