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Sharing Qt projects

  • I have a Qt project that i wish to share with clients via version control. The clients want to be able to build the software so ideally i want to be able to just point them at a repository, get the latest version and build. They don't want to have to download Qt separately and install that.

    Simply bundling the Qt development files as part of my repository doesn't work as certain run time files ( Qt5Core.dll for example ) seem to have hard coded paths to other DLLs. Now i don't really want to have to go in with a hex editor and patch those files.

    Isn't there an easier way to do this?

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    Just to be sure I understand you correctly: they want to build your software but they don't want to have to install anything to build it ?

  • Hi,

    Right. They want to just pull the project, load up the solution in Visual Studio and build. All the dependance should be in the repository.

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    Do they understand that Qt uses some tools to generate code ? That it's not just a set of libraries and headers ?

    If so, you should rather provide them with a virtual machine pre-loaded with everything that is necessary to build your application.

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