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[SOLVED] LNK 1104 : cannot openfile ’debug\project.exe’

  • hello ,

    Whenever I change something in my code this fatal error occurs I tried different solutions:

    1)clean->run qmake->build->run

    1. I tried to delete the build directory but it says that the action couldn't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program but I couldn't find where it is working

    3)I closed the qt creator and I deleted the .pro.user file and I reopened the project .

    none of those solutions worked .

    Can anybody help me findout the problem ?

    thanks in advance.

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    Do you have an anti-virus running ? Some of them might interfere when developing.

  • Well I have an antivirus but when I copied the same project into a new folder it worked .

    Isn't this strange ?

    Do you have an idea about what causes this type of problems ?

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    Windows quirks...

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    Go to Task manager on Windows and see if you program is still running ? May be you have written console app. It may be running still in background.

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    Dheerendra has a good point. Without the need to use the Task manager, Qt Creator shows you if your application is still running.

    Unlike on *nixes, on windows you can't rebuild your application if it's still running.

  • Well that day when I closed the Qt creator there wasn't any warning such as :

    " your application is still running : force quit / cancel"

    It has just exited normally after that when I opened the windows task manager Qt creator is not the list of running applications but when I reopen the project the same error occurs.

    the problem was solved only when I copied the project into a new folder.

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    It is not QtCreator issue. There must be a process called project.exe running. Once you move the project to different directory, path of executable got changed. So you are building the project.exe from different path. Hence it worked. I strongly suspect that there must be a project.exe running in your task manager. Please search for project.exe in task manager.

  • Dheerendra I checked the task manager ,yes you have reason I found the project.exe in the background processes .

    Thank you.

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    enjoy now. You can close this request to SOLVED state.

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