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Multimedia key: FF, RW, Power, Eject

  • Hi all! I'm a newbie in Qt. I'm working over embedded gui app for WD TV live media player and have one problem. Qt does not see the Key press events from several IR RC buttons (FF, RW, Power, Eject), but all others work good.
    At this moment I think that remote conntroller events has custom key codes, and Qt can't understant what it must to do.

    I found some patches for others media devices ( for example: add FF, RW key for GoogleTV: )
    May be I must to add some keys to Qt map too?

    Any ideas?

    PS: Base FW of player use DirectFB v 1.0.1 + Qt 4.7.0 (Source code avaliable, but gui app closed)

    UPD: Simple application which print key name on KeyPressed event

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