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Not a single QT App starts under Windows 7 anymore

  • For some time now I cannot start a single QT Application in Win7 anymore.

    It began with seafile, after that I tried to start other QT based apps I found
    Calibre, Smilla Enlarger, Textroom.

    It's the same effect with all of them. The executable is clearly started and visible in the taskmanager.
    But there's no window or anything. Nothing else happens.

    I'm desperate to find out how to solve this problem.
    If anyone knows about this... please help.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What about the latest Qt Creator ?

  • Hey Mad Scientist ;)

    I actually found the problem yesterday night, along with other problems all related to WACOM Tablet drivers which are quite common these days.

    No QT Application will run if the pen_tablet.exe which is part of the driver package is running. We verified this on 2 other machines where we installed the drivers just to see what will happen.

    If you kick the pen_tablet.exe then all the QT apps will immediately start up without problems.

    This does involve all QT applications, but not exclusively. Games like Call of Duty - Ghosts tend to freeze in the first seconds after they've been started. In this case you have to stop ALL running driver parts to make it run.

    The questions is: Does the problem lie within the QT framework (Mouse interface routines?) or does the problem lie within the WACOM drviers?


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    If we have this scenario...

    • Using Wacom drivers kills Qt applications
    • Using Wacom drivers kills Call of Duty
    • Using Qt applications does not kill Call of Duty

    ...then we can conclude that the problem is caused by the Wacom drivers, not Qt.

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