QVariant comparator

  • Hi,

    I'm declaring a class as given below

    class Foo : public Object
    Foo(Object* parent = 0);
    virtual ~Foo();

     void setName(QString name);
     QString name();

    QString m_name;

    inline bool operator==(const Foo& lhs, const Foo& rhs)
    qDebug() << "entered Foo == operator";
    return (lhs.name() == rhs.name());

    inline bool operator<(const NameProperty& lhs, const NameProperty& rhs)
    return lhs.name() < rhs.name();


    and registered it this way


    however the equality operator never get's called when i compare two QVariants that contain Foo*.

    Please advise what I'm doing wrong.

    [edit: added missing coding tags @ SGaist]

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    AFAIK, you are providing comparators for Foo not Foo*, so it's comparing the pointer values.

    On a side note, please provide correct code sample, this one doesn't allow to test your problem

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