QtContacts Module Error on Android

  • Qt Version 5.3.1
    I have downloaded from git and compiled QtContacts (qt-pim) successfully for both desktop and android.

    libdeclarative_contacts.so exists in both
    <QtSdk>/5.3/android_armv7/qml/QtContacts/ and

    Changed 'App.pro' to include
    QT += qml quick contacts

    Changed 'main.qml' to include
    import QtContacts 5.0 // Shows 'library at ......' and 'Read typeinfo files successfully'


    1. I can run the desktop app. But Contacts in Desktop doesnt make sense to me so I can't check it.
    2. When compiling for android, the following console message is displayed at app startup -
      module "QtContacts" plugin "declarative_contacts" not found
    3. And why is it not distributed as part of the main QtSdk as QtContacts is a pretty basic necessity?

    Any ideas?..... I have been trying to get rid of the declarative_contacts error for the whole of last night.
    Google doesn't have much on this.

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