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"release/AppxManifest.xml" does not exist on Windows Phone 8.1 Emulator

  • Hello, I tried Qt 5.3.1 for Windows RT and Windows Phone.
    First I installed Visual Studio 14, it contains compiler needed by Qt,
    then I installed Qt SDK, all it went well.
    When I opened Qt Creator3.1.2 bundled by Qt SDK and run examples bundled by Qt, something went wrong:
    qt.winrttunner: "(abbr.)/release/AppxManifest" does not exist.
    qt.winrttunner: "(abbr.)/release/AppxManifest" does not exist.
    The application on emulator opened and got blank, I couldn't get anything shown.
    How to generate "AppxManifest.xml" and let the application work on emulator? Thanks in advance.

  • It is recommended to use Visual Studio for WinRT-development.
    There you will see want is going wrong (debug output). The WinRT-plugin of QtCreator is in a beta stage and has not the functionality e.g of the Android-plugin.

    In Command-line, type <path-to-winrt-qt>\bin\qmake.exe -tp vc CONFIG+=windeployqt <yourproject>.pro
    This should work 100%!

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