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Qt commercial chart building and usage

  • I am facing a weird issue wiht Qt. I am working with Qt Quick 2.2 on ubuntu with Qt5.3.1. I am using evaluation version of Qt enterprise.

    I built Qt commercial chart with instruction as below. Navigated to Qtenterprise/EnterpriseAddOns/Charts/1.4/Src directory. executed the following commands. qmake CONFIG+="debug_and_release build_all" make make install

    I am able to run the samples and demos provided with qt. But all of them seems to created with QT 5.2 or before.

    I am able to create a new QT Quick UI project also. But when I am creating QT Quick application, Program is crashing and I am getting a SIGSEGV in file charttitle.cpp line number 33 as shown in the below picture.

    Please help if somebody have already came across such an error.

    ! Shot)!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt Commercial Chart is a commercial product, you should contact Digia directly

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