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Is framebuffer OpenGL capable?

  • Hi,

    I create this topic because I've searched a lot in the forum and the web, but cannot find a convincent conclusion about the issue.

    I'm working with a Freescale iMX53 with GPU, and trying to run Qt4.8.5 with OpenGL enabled to accelerate some 2D charts. I have my own ltib rootfs and added my qt embedded compiltation to it. It works fine, but a little bit slow compared to the same program run through qvfb on my host.

    I'm facing problems to get the OpenGL running on my GPU and I am not sure if it is because there are problems in the framebuffer-OpenGL combination and I should switch to X11-OpenGL or the problem comes from another source. Which one is the correct approach?.

    Any suggestions will be really appreciate!


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