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QtCreator 2.1 autocomplete

  • Hi,

    I have downloaded an Qt Creator 2.1, but auto complete doesn't work for standard library. I have MinGw that I have downloaded from mingw web site.

    #include <string>

    int main() {

    std:: // string type doesn't appear, but it appears if I press Ctrl + Space without std:: .

    std::string v;

    v. // Here also nothing is appeared.

    Please let me know if I describe the problem not clearly. I can send screenshots.


    Edit: Remember QT is QuickTime, use tag @ for code

  • Try "using namespace std;" before main.

  • I tried. It works this case

    string mystr = "hello, world";
    mystr. // auto complete works

    But still doesn't work when
    std::string mystr = "hello, world";
    mystr. // auto complete don't work.

    std:: // auto complete don't work.

    Is it a bug? I am not sure but previous version of qtcreator seems worked.

  • do you need using 'std::' if u are using namespace?

  • I may not to use std::. Actually I like to use it.
    Anyway the question is about why it doesn't work? As I remeber it worked on previouse versions.
    It seems that a bug.

  • i tried it a minute ago on my linux machine and it just worked as it should be.
    sorry if i wasn't any help.

  • What MinGW do you use? I use a MinGW from I think it depends on it. Last time I used which one from Nokia.

  • im working with a linux distro and dont compile for windows, so i dont use mingw.

  • Better file a bug report on

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