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Phonon Mplayer backend

  • Hi,

    I am working on iMx53 Platform and tried to play video on this platform unfortunately VPU is not valid because of that Phonon Gstreamer backend is plays video is extremely slow and color is really bad.I thought that mplayer can solve this problem , how can I create libphonon_mplayer.so?


  • I installed 'git clone git://anongit.kde.org/phonon-mplayer' there is a .pro file in it I compiled it and copied its Build/phonon-backend/libphonon_mplayer.so to embedded linux to /qt/plugins/phonon-backend (libphonon_gstreamer.so in here).But When I executed the program it can not find backend.

    Is there any .conf file in app or lib directory to chose backend?Pls help .


  • Anybody use mplayer , everybody use gstremer as backend?
    PLease help about this issue.

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