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QT Video Playing on Embedded Linux

  • Hi ,

    I am struggling with playing video on embedded linux, I am trying compile qt4 on buildroot also I added demos and examples on rootfs.When I tried to execute qmediaplayer or capabilities examples it says missing plugins gstreamer-good but I chosed all gst-base,good ,bad,ugly.When I tried to play .mpg files video is playing very slow and colors are broken.Also 'gst-launch ... filedir ffmpeg ! ... ' works perfect for .mpg but it doesnt work for .mp4 and .avi .

    İs there a way to point plugin directory? (I thinks it finds: problem is codec)
    What is the correct building options on buildroot for playing a video with Qt?
    Can I solve this problem when I use QT5?
    When I Check the lib files I coulndt liboil and libcheck, does it solve adding them to rootfs?

    Please help me to solve.


  • What version of gstreamer do you have?
    Qt uses gstreamer-0.10 as its multimedia backend on linux.

  • Hi andreyc,

    I use gstreamer-0.10 , not gstreamer-1.0.I think gstreamer is working problem is gst-plugins-good -bad -ugly .


  • [quote author="umtkyck" date="1407161279"]Also ‘gst-launch … filedir ffmpeg ! … ‘ works perfect for .mpg but it doesnt work for .mp4 and .avi .[/quote]

    To play mp4 and avi you need qtdemux and avidemux plugins.
    They are part of gst-plugins-good0.10.
    To make sure that you have bot installed run
    gst-inspect-0.10 qtdemux
    gst-inspect-0.10 avidemux

    [quote author="umtkyck" date="1407172184"]I think gstreamer is working problem is gst-plugins-good -bad -ugly .[/quote]
    gstreamer is a core framework that provides a mechanism to build a media pipeline. The plugins do all job inside the pipeline. So if you don't have correct plugings gstreamer will not work.

  • When I write 'gst-inspect-0.10 qtdemux' on embedded linux ,
    Output: "No such element or plugin 'qtdemux'"
    $gst-inspect-0.10 avidemux
    "Factory Details:
    Long name: Avi demuxer
    Class: Codec/Demuxer
    Description: Demultiplex an avi file into audio and video
    Author(s): Erik Walthinsen omega@cse.ogi.edu, Wim Taymans wim.taymans@chello.be, Thijs Vermeir thijsvermeir@gmail.com
    Rank: primary (256)

    Plugin Details:
    Name: avi
    Description: AVI stream handling
    Filename: /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstavi.so
    Version: 0.10.31
    License: LGPL
    Source module: gst-plugins-good
    Source release date: 2012-02-20
    Binary package: GStreamer Good Plug-ins source release
    Origin URL: Unknown package origin

    Yeah problem may be on qtdemux how can I active it?


  • I couldnt find qtdemux on buildroot ,
    What can be the correct configuration on buildroot to play video with Qt Phonon.?


  • Ok I found the solution , qtdemux is "isomp4" plugin.

    The biggest problem now is video is playing very slow and ,its color is really bad.How can I fix it ?


  • With gst-launch it plays well but with Qt qmediaplayer video plays very slowly.How can I solve this?

  • What HW are you working on?
    Do you output directly to FB? If yes, do you use directFB?

  • I am working on MX53 and application is working on FB , I can use DirectFB but is it lightweighter than FB? Video is playing , but very slow and CPU is at ps.
    May problem be on phonon and its backend.?

  • I have never worked with MX53.
    MX53 does have graphic accelerator. Are you using freescale drivers to make use of them, maybe in combination with directFB?

  • Problem still occurs... I want to use mplayer instead of gstreamer how can I change phonon backend from libphonon_gstreamer.so to libphonon_mplayer.so.?

  • @umtkyck
    We have the same problem here and has struggled for a few weeks for playing video on our i.mx6 sabresd board running qt4-embedded. Even though we have already put isomp4 lib inside the plugins folder, we still cannot make the video playback work. Could you kindly share you experience? Thanks!

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