Android: QTcpSocket issue

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm facing an issue with QTcpSocket on Android.
    My app is really simple, it does nothing but creating a QTcpSocket, connect the stateChanged signal to a lambda function and then bind it to a port.

    int main( int argc, char* argv[] )
    QGuiApplication app( argc, argv)
    QTcpSocket socket;
    & socket,
    & QTcpSocket::stateChanged,
    []( QAbstractSocket::SocketState state )
    qDebug() << "State changed:" << state;
    if( ! socket.bind(48484) )
    qDebug() << "Could not bind to port 48484";
    int ret = app.exec();
    return ret;

    I am using Qt 5.3 for iOS and OSX while it is Qt5.3.1 for Android.
    On iOS and OSX i get the notification that the socket is in BoundState while for Android i get BoundState but right after it i get ClosingState then UnconnectedSate

    If I run this "example": of server/client it seems to work.

    Does anyone ever had this issue ?
    Thanks :)

  • Did you set the "Network-Access-Rights" to your application? I think that needs to be done in some XML-file?

  • Indeed I have those permissions :
    @ <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>@

    Whent the socket state is ClosingState or UnconnectedState the socket error is "Transport endpoint is not connected"

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