Javascript overwriting of prototype method leads to type error

  • Hi,
    MCAddition is overwriting function protoype.getChallengeName from MC. But when I call the method in QML I can an error saying "TypeError: Type Error".

    What am I doing wrong?


    ============== File MC.js ====================
    .pragma library


    function MC() {


    MC.prototype.getChallengeName=function() {
    return "N";

    ============== File MCAddition.js ====================
    .pragma library


    MCAddition.prototype=new MC();

    function MCAddition() {


    MCAddition.protoype.getChallengeName=function() {
    return "A";

    ============== File main.qml ====================
    Button {
    id: button1
    x: 0
    y: 0
    width: parent.width/2
    height: parent.height/2
    text: "1"
    onClicked: {
    var MC=new MC.MCAddition();
    var challengeName=MC.getChallengeName();

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    Did you import the js file in QML ?
    Like for eg.
    import "logic.js" as Logic

  • Yes, import "MCAddition.js" as MC

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