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Create QuickTime movies in Qt?

  • Off-the wall question: is there any API in Qt for creating QuickTime movies from a sequence of images?

  • AFAIK(As Far As I Know) no, there is no such API in Qt Multimedia.

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    To add to andreyc, the quickest way would be to use ffmpeg for that e.g. through QProcess

  • Yeah, that was my thought, as well. By far the easiest thing to do would be just to dump the frames into a temp dir, run ffmpeg shell command as a "system" call, then remove the frames.

    I managed to get the ffmpeg libs to compile (easy on Mac or Linux, rather gruesome in Windows). So, it's possible to create movies programatically from frame data, but the cost of building for several platforms and architectures is not fun, and you can't use h.264 in ffmpeg in a non-GPL program.

    Just gotta convince the boss to go with the easy (run ffmpeg command instead) solution. Only real cost is a ton of disk space in the process of doing this... :-)

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